Our Coaches

At Hybrid Hockey, we use these same professional coaches to run all of our 3 on 3 league sessions and all sessions during our development and preparatory camps. During all of our sessions, we believe it important to expose your child to many coaches in order to take advantage of the diverse skills such coaches have attained over years of playing hockey.  We therefore use different Skating and Skills instructors and even bring out guest coaches to help reinforce a “love of hockey” in your child. The one thing we always ensure our coaches have is the passion to ensure your child is taught properly.  Here are short backgrounds on the coaches we use:


Figure Skating Coaches

Lesley Stewart - Provincial Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) Level 2; Skate Canada CANSkate Professional Coach Certification; Over 30 years of professional coaching experience

Jayde and Dayton Stewart - Both were Competitive figure skater for 11 years; competed at regional, provincial and national levels; both have passed all but two tests in Canadian figure skating, making them Quad Gold Skaters; both have worked with Olympic level coaches and athletes; Dayton travelled the world for three years as a professional skater for Disney on Ice; both are now National Coaching Certification Program Regional Coaches 


Skills Coaches

Mackenze Stewart- Former NHL Draft Pick with Vancouver Canucks who now owns Allegiance Hockey a player development program  

Trevor Elias - Current Head of Skill Development at Mount Royal University; Trevor played at Western Michigan University and he played professional hockey in Germany

Grant Point - Father of Tampa Bay Forward Brayden Point; Grant has coached hockey for 30 years and he runs Skills sessions for professional players during the summer

Riley Point - Brother of Tampa Bay Forward Brayden Point; Riley played five seasons in the Alberta Junior Hockey League and he played for Mount Royal University

Guest Coaches - We try our best to bring out current and former NHL players; Brayden Point attended our Spring and August 2018 sessions and Mason Raymond attended our NWW Fall Camp. We also use parent coaches as many of these parents played in the Canadian Hockey League and at the US Collegiate level.  Not only do these parent coaches have plenty to offer to the children from a skill perspective, but we believe it helps develop a “love of hockey” to have familiar faces on the ice. And the best way for us to ensure your child improves is to instil a “love of the game”!


Goalie Coaches

Top Prospects Goal Tending- Our philosophy at Top Prospects Goaltending is to “provide high level coaching, mentoring and evaluating in order to give goaltenders of all levels a chance to excel and truly enjoy the game, regardless of their level of play!