Hybrid Hockey evolved from the realization that hockey development could be done more efficiently.

The cost of ice time is at a premium, yet much of the ice isn’t used during practices!

Hybrid Hockey creates efficiency by maximizing the use of the entire ice surface at all times.

We do this using boards that split the ice into three sections, each of which is used to focus on a specific area of hockey development. We then hire professional coaches that are dedicated to each area of development. Not only are these coaches' experts in their respective disciplines, but they have the passion necessary to develop young hockey players.

We develop hockey players using these activities:

  • Cross-Ice 3 on 3 Games - These games focus on quick decisions, creativity, teamwork, competitiveness and fun, and they are all run by a Hockey Canada referee.  In this section we also focus on developing a LOVE OF THE GAME.  It is this passion that will cause the kids to want to put in the effort required to significantly improve.
  • Figure Skating or Power Skating - Skating is the single most important aspect of becoming a better hockey player. Our coaches work to improve stride, speed, balance and footwork.
  • Hockey Skills - Our Skills coaches have extensive hockey backgrounds. Depicted in the picture above is Grant Point (father of Tampa Bay forward Brayden Point) teaching the children. Grant runs skills sessions during the summer for the professional players and we were obviously pleased to have him run our August 2018 and 2019 Evaluation Prep Camps!
  • Coached Goaltending Sessions - Our goaltending coaches are supplied by Top Prospects Goaltending, and they are available during every single ice session to provide specific goalie instruction to U11, U13 and U15 level goalies. Our U9 players can take turns in goal, and they are helped during Skills sessions by one of our general Skills instructors.

The cost of having numerous specialized instructors on the ice at one time is significant. However, our “Hybrid Model” has enabled us to lower the cost of top-level hockey development to half the price of many full-ice programs.  The “Hybrid Model” provides access to top level development that is affordable to EVERYONE!