*2022 Spring 3 on 3, Skating and Skills Program




Positions Still Available (Updated March 29, 2022 @ 9:15am)




Spare Player

Skills Goalie





















If divisions are full PLEASE sign up on the waitlist as there are usually a few cancellations.








14, 1 Hour Ice Times - Tuesdays and Thursdays

April 11, 13,  18, 20, 25, 27

May 2, 4,  9, 11, 16, 18, 23, 25

U9 (2015/2014)    6:00-7:00pm (2 teams of 9 players and a goalie)

U11 (2013/2012)  6:00-7:00pm (2 teams of 9 players and a goalie)

U13 (2011/2010)  7:15-8:15pm (4 teams of 9 players and a goalie)

U15 (2009/2008)  4:45-5:45pm (4 teams of 9 players and a goalie)


$399 Players

$250 Spare Players

$250 Goalies

$250 Skills Goalies

***Please read the “Spare Player and Skills Goalie” description below as these positions will be just as beneficial as a “Player” or “Goalie” position.***


The Benefits of Cross-Ice Hockey

We have boards at both blue lines with corner radiuses to ensure continuous play and two gates for each zone to enable easy line changes. NHL teams practice cross-ice all the time...and the benefits are magnified for children. The benefits of cross-ice hockey for players of all ages are obvious to seasoned hockey players.

“The differences in skill-development opportunities with cross-ice or half-ice hockey are significant: players receive five times more passes and take six times more shots. They’re called on to have to make more decisions more quickly, and are overall more engaged in the game.” - Hockey Canada

Hybrid Hockey tracked shots during our spring games and goalies faced almost 50 shots per half-hour game and every one of those shots was taken “from the slot”. That’s 10x the number of high quality shots taken in most full ice games. This shot count says it all as the players had to do all of the work to take those shots thereby receiving just as much quality practice as the goalies.


Competitive League with a Limited Number of Teams

The league is organized cross-ice with 3 zones: a 3 on 3 game; skating lessons; and stickhandling or goalie coaching.  Players spend 30 minutes each day in zone one playing a 3 on 3 game and then 30 minutes practicing skating or stickhandling.  Goalies play a 30 minute game and then receive individual coaching for the other 30 minutes (See details below under “Goalie Coaching”). The league is limited to a maximum number of teams in each of the following divisions:


3 on 3 Games Rules

  • 1 minute shifts
  • Goal or the goalie covers - touch up behind center line
  • Penalties result in a penalty shot with players chasing from the opposite face-off circle
  • Relinquish the puck at the buzzer
  • Equal ice time for all participants
  • Standings decided based upon Total Goal Differentials (to encourage children to never give up during a particular game)


Figure or Power Skating for Hockey Players (Detailed Balance and Edgework)

The neutral-zone will be used each hour to teach detailed balance and edge work. Each of the sessions will be taught by two professional skating instructors. We consider these to be individual lessons as the instructor:player ratio will be 1:4 and coaches are focused on each child. These sessions are $50 per half-hour when booked independently.


Skills Sessions

The far end zone will be used each hour to run Skills sessions focused on puck control and puck movement (while practicing skating as skating is the single most important skill necessary to becoming an excellent hockey player). These sessions will be run by coaches who run sessions like these for a living and who we believe are some of the best in the business. We also use this zone to bring out guest coaches who have played high levels of hockey and who have a lot to offer the kids.  


Goaltending Coaching

Coaches work with our U9 - U15 goalies during Skills sessions. We believe this is one of the best opportunities you will find if your child is a goaltender as these sessions can be as much as $65 per half hour when booked independently. 


Spare Player and Skills Goalie

Note that we will have spare players and a skills goalie attend each session.  These “Spares” show up each week just like the other players.  If all team players are in attendance, then these “Spares” will simply attend Figure Skating and Skills or Goalie Coaching for the full hour.  Experience has shown us that Spares will get to play a game during most weeks and completing a full hour with our expert coaches should be viewed as an attractive option anyways.  We have actually had players sign up as Spares because they wanted to receive more coaching instead of playing, so please do not hesitate to choose this option; your child will end up having just as good an experience as any of the players.


Coaches and Referees


Date Lead Jerseys/Admin Referee Skating Skills Goalie Board Setup/Takedown
April 11   Amanda          
April 13   Amanda          
April 18   Amanda          
April 20   Amanda          
April 25   Amanda          
April 27   Amanda          
May 2   Amanda          
May 4   Amanda          
May 9   Amanda          
May 11   Amanda          
May 16   Amanda          
May 18   Amanda          
May 23   Amanda          
May 25   Amanda